21 February 2013

Top Five Things I Miss About Philadelphia

Just in case you’re new here, or something, I’m from Philadelphia. I am a serious Philly girl, and man, do I miss it a lot. It’s been almost nine months since I moved away, and about six months since my last visit. I’m starting to feel the homesickness pretty badly, so today I’m going to share with you the top five things I miss about my amazing hometown.

5. Food. I don’t know if you non-Philadelphians know this, but Philadelphia is home of the BEST food in the whole entire world. Wawa aside- which is basically heaven in a convenience store- there isn’t anything better than food from Philly. A real soft pretzel, preferably purchased from some dude on a street corner who probably hasn’t washed his hands all day. A greasy, perfect cheesesteak, wit wiz. A fresh, warm everything bagel loaded with lox and whitefish. I’m making myself hungry right now, but man. I miss this food.

4. Being able to go see a Flyers game. Hell, being able to watch the Flyers on television without having to pay for premium channels. I love my Fly Guys, and I miss seeing them play live so bad. Game updates just aren’t enough for me. And the worst part is that I don’t even have a local NHL team to go see the Flyers play. Here it’s All College Football, All The Time. Guh.

3. Real Malls. A mall with more than one floor, a ton of different stores, a decent food court, and a coffee shop. The closest malls to even come close to this are over 4 hours away. I can’t wait for the next time I can step into the King of Prussia Mall, either Court or Plaza will do, but I’d be as excited for Franklin Mills, or even Neshaminy, just for the ability to get some real good shopping in.

2. A proper skyline. There isn’t one here. I love seeing the skyline at sunrise, at sunset, all lit up at night- Just all time time. I always think of Valencia’s Tenth Street when I’m missing home: “’Cause of all the days I wished for something just to begin, standing out on top as the Philadelphia skyline caves in. Looking out from above, I’ll tell you what I really do love. I’ll let you know when I’m coming home […] ‘cause you know, Philadelphia makes me feel home.”

1. My family. I know that’s sappy and lame, but man, I miss my family. I miss my daddy, who is by far the most wonderful father ever. I miss my sisters, who are both beautiful and intelligent women, and I hate hate hate being away from them, and missing them grow up. I miss my grandparents, who have always been there for me for everything. Basically, I miss the people who are most important to me. Phone calls and FaceTime sure help a lot, but it isn’t enough.

Do you love your hometown as much as I love mine? If you moved away, what do you miss most- or what WOULD you miss most if you left?


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