04 February 2013

How I Spent My Saturday Being A Small Child

Lately, my husband has been working some crazy freaking hours. Nothing to be unexpected with the military, but still. Lately it’s been a lot of 8pm-830am, which kind of sucks a bit. To make things suck less, I had Chloe stay over this weekend (as I do most weekends, now that I think about it…).

We decided it would be really funny if, when Chris got home at 9am from a long day at work, he found us inside of a huge blanket fort, instead of like, in bed, or on the sofa. Apparently Chloe is a fort EXPERT, so I decided to share with you!

photo 5

 photo 1photo 3
Look at how wonderful it turned out! We strung rope across bookshelves and things of that sort (including my craft shelf) all across the living room, and then used all of the sheets and clothes pins we could gather to make a gigantic fort, which we then slept in.
photo 4photo 2
Since I am turning 24 this month I’ve been having a lot of “getting old” feels. This was so much fun to do because it reminded me that just because I’m turning 24, doesn’t mean that I can’t still do fun, childlike things.

What was the last childlike thing that you’ve done? Have you ever built a blanket fort?

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