23 February 2013

A Toast to Greek Life

I  never planned to join a sorority. Besides thinking that  the hoodies with the stitched letters looked really cool, nothing else about it ever appealed to me. I haven't ever been a big partier or drinker, and I wasn't really the kind of girl who had a lot of girl friends. Sorority life was the LAST thing I thought I'd ever be a part of.


As it turned out, Greek life had other plans for me.

FALL 2008
Keeping this bit brief, I was unhappy my first year of college. I was homesick and lonely, and was feeling down about not having the love and Golden Ram Spirit I was seeing around me. I went so far as to begin applying to other schools closer to home before one of the few friends I actually had made asked me to just "come meet her friends."

"Now Jess," I began. "You know I'm planning to not come next year." I saw through this trick. She was trying to recruit me.
"I know, no commitment. Just come out and meet them." She was happy and had friends. I was envious of that. I went.

I remember that night as being one of the first times I was really happy in West Chester. These were my people.


FALL 2012
Nowhere in that room were the stereotypical mean girls from movies. I didn't see one single woman that I couldn't connect with in some way. I immediately knew that if these women would have me in their bond, I wouldn't be leaving West Chester. It was, as they say, love at first sight.

I spent the next three years as a proud sister of a chapter that certainly had some failings. We had low numbers, and occasionally some poor attitudes, but despite any other problems we ever came across, sisterhood was never a problem. We always truly loved each other- and I still love my sisters.

I had the honor of serving as the Membership Director- planning recruitment- and also as the Vice President. I was blessed with two amazing littles who have in turn given me a remarkable lineage of little-littles, littles to the third, and even to the fourth. I have memories of formals and date parties, of Greek weeks and homecomings, and so, so much fun with such an amazing group of women.

My two fantastic littles
And now, two years after becoming an alumnae of a group I love so strongly, I am still finding myself so proud of them. When I pledged Phi Mu, my chapter was sitting at about 25 women- a huge jump from the EIGHT only three years prior. During my tenure, we fluctuated between 18-30, never quite managing to reach the number goals set. While we were successful in other ways, this was out downfall.


FALL 2010 Bid Day versus SPRING 2013 Bid Day

As of the most recent bid day this past weekend, my wonderful, yet tiny chapter is now 85 women strong. I am still in a state of awe, after seeing a group shot. More women than I ever thought I would see wearing my letters, at my school.

I will forever bleed rose and white, living by my oath of love, honor& truth, and thanking my founders for what they have given me.

Congratulations, Phi Lambda!


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  1. hate to say i told ya so, but i totally told ya so (;