12 February 2013

How To Etch Glass! (& Collaborate with Friends)

A few weeks ago I got together with a couple of friends of mine, Chloe & Jae, both of whom are youtubers as well, and we filmed a couple videos together!

We baked bread from scratch, we did the Harry Potter Tag, and we also did a craft project- we etched glass.
You can check out both Jae & Chloe’s channels to see the other two videos!
Also, I wanted to show a couple of close up pictures of how the projects turned out, so click through to see that!

First are mine- a jar with my thread logo on it, and a glass with my name.

Next, are Chloe’s. She made a jar with her name on it, along with some nerdy things like a lightning bolt, a nerdfighter sign and a bowtie, and also a cup with her Leeky logo on it.

Finally, Jae’s glass: She did a really cute penny jar with jae likes printed on it, along with a jar with a jackalope printed on it. I love how she did the jackalope with the reverse negative space etched, it turned out really nice!

So that’s how we etched glass! It’s super easy, and I highly recommend it. If you try this, I’d love to see it!


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