09 February 2013

Early Craft Projects

I hope you guys don’t think I’m punking out with this one, but I just posted a video about some of my earlier craft projects- mostly things I did while in high school, but also with some middle school and college thrown in. I did a lot of weird, crafty things in high school: a TON of stuff with duct tape, some funky jewellery, and a bunch more strange things. Check out the video to see what managed to be saved (and also some more awful pictures of me):

I thought that kind of fit in with the theme lately, so I’d share some of that with you. In the video I talk about a bunch of my earlier craft projects. Not that these are the first crafty things I did- ask my dad about that night I decided to make a sculpture out of dixie cups and toothpaste, I’m sure he’d be totally into telling you about it- these are just the ones that I still have around and use.

What are some of your early craft projects? Anything turn out so good that you still use or wear it?


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