24 February 2013

February 2013 Favorites!

It’s that time of the month again guys! It’s favorites time! It’s also almost the end of Blogruary, unfortunately. This month, I learned I really love blogging!


I actually have two beauty favorites this month!

First is the Shine ‘Til Morning palette from Wet & Wild. I won this from Karleylovesthis’ Fall Loves video/giveaway, along with a nail polish, lipstick, and a couple other things. Everything she sent me was absolutely perfect, but I’m so obsessed with this palette. I wanted it so bad, but couldn’t find it anywhere in stores near me. I’m so happy that it lived up to my hype.

I love both “sides” of it, but the side with the bright blue makes such a fun look. The neutral with a pop of blue has been my go-to look since getting this in the mail. The other side of it is just a perfect, classy nude look, which I also love.

My second beauty favorite is surprisingly a nail polish brand. It’s no secret I love painting my nails and nail polishes, but I’ve been all about this ELF polish lately. These are like $2, and there are also sets of three (shown below) for $3.
The colors aren’t exactly true to the bottle, as you can see in the second picture, so if you’re picky, this might not be the brand for you, but for $2, they’re damn close enough. I paired the middle reddish-purple one with a flakey color from China Glaze for a really awesome Valentine’s nail.

Next are the custom hair clips I made here. They’re just so easy, and look super impressive when they’re done. I highly recommend these, because you can put ANYTHING on them. Also, if you get the clips that I got from Hobby Lobby, they hold really well.


Next is an iphone/ipad game called Seven Words. Basically it gives you seven clues and you have to use the letter combinations at the bottom to make the words. It’s really easy to pick up, and it’s also pretty challenging. They’re sort of mini crossword puzzles, I guess? If you like word games, I’d recommend this one. I discovered it right around the same time as What’s The Word which was all the rage for like a week, but I think I like Seven Words better.

OreoFinally, I’ve been an Oreo consuming MACHINE lately. I don’t have a reason. They aren’t new or exciting or anything, but I’m just an Oreo Fiend lately. Double Stuffed is preferred- plain, none of the fancy flavors or anything. Just a few plain, double stuffed Oreos, and I am a happy girl.

And that’s it for this month! Let me know what your favorites are, and if you have a post or a video up, link me to it!


  1. Love the nail color on you. Great picks. Hope you will also visit me soon :)

    Maria Speaks Prada

  2. i wanna have a nail painting part with youuu.

    have you heard about the MEGA STUFFED oreos?! i haven't tried them ... too scared to get addicted.

  3. @jess Come over here right now because I have a pack of mega stuffed oreos and naked nails.