15 February 2013

Personality Quiz! [Or, Jenn Talks About Herself. A Lot.]

Just out of curiosity the other night, I decided to take a personality test. This isn’t the first time I did this test, but it has been a while. Although, now that I’ve done it, and some computer algorithm has decided that I am super introverted and feelsy, and “moderately” intuitive and judgey… What does that mean?

Okay so INFJ is one of sixteen personality types in Carl Jung’s/The Myers-Briggs’ Personality Types. We are the Counselors, the ones who are introspective, attentive, and cooperative. We are good listeners, private people, and keep our personal lives personal. We also fall under the Idealist Temperament- basically everyone who is Intuitive and Feeling. Apparently, we seek meaningful relationships, and are guided by personal ethics.

So far, this sounds like me, for the most part. We’re the smallest group too- only 1-3% of the population, so that’s cool.

As far as each of those letters:

Introversion: I guess that means I tend to be a bit reserved, and prefer to spend time one-on-one instead of huge groups. I’m not shy, but I tend to expend a lot of energy in social situations, instead of gaining energy from them.

iNtuition: According to the site, I “focus on the big picture rather than the details, and on future possibilities rather than immediate realities.”

Feeling: We feel, rather than think. I guess that’s the emotional, rather than logical, bit of me. As far as I can tell, this whole part is just that I’m an emotional mess and don’t use logic at all. IT MAKES SENSE. 

Judging: This doesn’t mean I’m judgmental. *note: I am kind of judgmental. What it actually means is that I like planning and making decisions, instead of using perception last minute.

Reading all of this was really cool, actually. I learned that INFJs are the only Introverted type to often be confused with extroverts, which make sense. Sometimes I LIKE groups. It’s still draining, but I can enjoy it, and people often assume I’m extroverted. We get hurt easily, but don’t ever talk about it; again, true.

I really feel like I learned a lot about myself by doing this test, and then reading up on the type. To be honest, I mostly just used wikipedia, and read all of the linked pages to the INFJ page. You should go take this test, here, and then come back and tell me what you are so we can chat about it.

Go learn about you!


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  1. I love taking personality tests!! They are always so insightful to me!!
    Following you back :-)
    ♥ Kyna

  2. "This doesn’t mean I’m judgmental. *note: I am kind of judgmental. "

    haha i love you <3 i'm going to take this!