13 March 2014

Care Package #1: Pokemon Themed Anniversary

I finally got my first care package together to send out! I wanted to send it out about a week ago because I wanted it to get to where it needed to be for our anniversary, which is April 13th. I don’t know if it’s going to make it or not, but I got it done so I’m sending it out tomorrow! A full month should be enough time.

The first thing I included were two cards. The first one with the text on the front had a lot of writing on the inside which was very nice and sentimental, and I went at it with a pen and sort of annotated it to make him laugh and fit us a little better. The second is a heart with a missing puzzle piece and the inside of the card has the missing piece and says “you complete me,” but most importantly LOOK HOW CUTE the envelope is!

IMG_6208The very bottom of the box has the things he actually asked me to send him, some tee shirts and a box of Q-tips. Very exciting, I know, but since didn’t ask for anything else, it would have been a disaster if I had forgotten the only things that were requested, so I had to make sure they were in there.

He is not a big candy fan at all, with the exception of Snickers bars, so I got a huge bag of fun sized bars and filled the box with them. I just kind of tucked them between the shirts and hid them under other things. I kind of like the idea of them just falling out as he keeps pulling things out, so they're like a constant surprise that keep landing all over the place.

IMG_6210Then I filled it in with the other snacks I know he loves. Peanut butter crackers and wasabi peas are a big favorite, and you can never go wrong with beef jerky, but the Sriacha peas were the crowning glory of my shopping trip. He loves the wasabi peas and loves Sriacha, so I can’t imagine he wouldn’t also LOVE them combined.

Finally, I also stuck in a flash drive that has a bunch of movies that have come out recently, and that I know he hasn’t seen yet. We were very sad that we weren’t able to see the LEGO movie together, so that’s on there, with about 10 others.

IMG_6205The box itself I’m so very proud of. Obviously we’re both Pokemon freaks, so I drew a couple of different types of pokeballs, and then on the bottom flap wrote out “I choose you!” I think it looks really cute and I’m hoping he’ll like it.
So that’s what I’ve been working on lately. I am planning to send about 5 total, so we’ll see how that goes.

Stay crafty!

07 March 2014

Turn a Tee into a Throw Pillow!

Hey guys! So I have another tee project for you guys today. This one was actually a request I got a few weeks ago, on how to turn a tee into a pillow. Well, I had been holding off on it because I didn’t have a shirt to use and I hadn’t had a chance to get to a thrift store to find one, but then I got a shirt in the mail from Taco Bell? I don’t remember ordering it, but maybe I did. Either way, thanks, Taco Bell!

Besides the shirt, I used a sewing machine, a 16”x16” pillow form and some velcro. You can hand sew or use gluing options here, and you can also substitute snaps for the velcro or just choose to have it not open at the back if you don’t mind not being able to wash it.