30 April 2013

Treasury Tuesday 4.30.13: Mellow Yellow

Spring! It's starting to be spring-like! And I'm really excited about that. So excited, that I have a super-spring-like treasury today, featuring my favorite spring color, a pretty pale-ish mellow yellow.

I really love yellow as a spring color because you can pair it with a lot of things and it's just so light and airy. I found a bunch of really nice jewellery and light scarves and that sort of thing, which you can just go on to checking out :D

29 April 2013

Monday Questions 4.29.13

monday qsWOW it has been a weeeeek. Let me fill you in on all of the glorious things happening in my life right now. (Or, for the lazy, you can just watch this video).

First, I can finally tell all of you that I am officially a part of the AMAZING Wonderly community! I’ve been mentioning Wonderly casually for a while now, which you can find here, and also a bunch of other places around the internet, like youtube, twitter and tumblr. If you check that first link, and then go to all of the channels, my FACE is there, as a “Friend of Wonderly.” Ten other really great ladies, along with myself are the first Friends of Wonderly, and I gotta say, this is a community I am literally overwhelmed to be a part of.

The second really big thing is that we are, as of writing this, definitely moving to Virginia. We spent all weekend looking for houses and all of that business, and now I have the fun task of packing ALL THE THINGS! We looked at a bunch of houses- if anyone is interested in that, there's also a house hunting video up on my channel :)

So yeah, it’s been an interesting week. Let’s get on to those questions:

25 April 2013

April 2013 Playlist

Hi everyone! Another month, another playlist, I suppose. This one basically is filled with songs I would have loved when I was 13, and still love now. Although really, that’s just how my music taste seems to be in general.

Let’s just get on to it, yeah?

23 April 2013


Tuesday Treasury 4.23.13: Literature

Hi friends! I have a literature/book themed treasury for you this week. I'm trucking through on my book challenge, so I'm in a very book-y fame of mind.

I don't have a lot to say on this one, except holy moly there are some beautiful old, antique books on etsy, which I didn't put on this treasury. Mostly, I tried to curate a great list of some handmade book themed goods.

Here they are:

22 April 2013

Monday Questons 4.22.13

monday qsAh, I totally forgot to post this this morning! I’m sorry friends! It’s been a crazy week. I can’t 100% say for sure what’s going on, because I honestly don’t know exactly what’s going on! I do want to give a warning that my blogs may get sporadic in the next couple of weeks, and especially these Monday Questions posts may fall by the wayside. I apologize for that, but it’s very likely that these blogs are going to get way more interesting in the near future, so there’s a spoiler for you.

That was all very vague, and I’m very sorry for that. I promise all will be clear soon.

As an aside, thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway this past couple of weeks, and congrats to Grace, the winner! I’m sure I’ll be having another one in the future!

Alright, that’s enough of my vague ramblings, let’s answer some questions.

16 April 2013

Tuesday Treasury 4.16.13

Welcome to this week’s featured treasury! This week, I’m showcasing my favorite of all the typographical wonders- the ampersand. Also known as “the and sign,” or “how the heck do I draw that?,” the ampersand is a thing of beauty in almost every font, and also the name of my lovely kitten. & here we go:

15 April 2013

Monday Questions 4.15.13

monday qsI can’t believe that we’re already HALFWAY through April. I just realized as I put that date up there, that we’re almost done this month. This year is absolutely flying by.

Since I've been an "adult," I guess like, since I finished high school, I've been overly aware of how quickly time is passing. Time seems to just be going absurdly speedy lately though.

Actually, this past year, as in April 2012-April 2012 has been a blur. This past Saturday (April 13) was my one year wedding anniversary! I’ve had an incredible year with my husband, and it just flew. Pardon the gratuitous pictures of us, but I’m still a bit mushy about it.

Other than that, not too much has been going on for me this week. Mostly, I’m just a bit anxious about waiting for news about the next stage of my/our life. More information when I have it, but just let it be known that my anxiety is running high this week.

Okay! Enough of that nonsense, onto the questions.

12 April 2013

The Easiest Dessert in the Whole World

I have to show you guys the absolute, hands down, easiest dessert in the whole entire world. It’s delicious, it’s warm and flaky, it’s chocolate filled and did I mention it’s easy?
Looks pretty amazing, right? 2 ingredients, 3 steps. Ready? Okay, read on.

09 April 2013

Tuesday Treasury 4.9.13

Hello! I'm adding yet another new feature to my blog this week, and I hope you're all as excited for it as I am! I'm excited to introduce "Tuesday Treasury" to Technicolor Moments.

Every week, I'll put together a themed treasury of some of my favorite Etsy items. Then, I'll share it with you here, so you can check out the amazing shops and creators that they come from.

On to the treasury!

08 April 2013

Monday Questions 4.9.13

monday qsWelcome to Monday! I hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did. I’m actually writing this at about 2 am on Monday morning this week, and man, did I have a pretty good weekend. Besides the past week being quite good (a wonderful evening with a group of friends, a bit of hope for something I’m hoping for quite a bit), the weekend itself was also lovely.

Friday was full of crafting and sewing- I finished the typography makeup bags that were seen in both the Wonderly blog from last week, and also in my giveaway video. Saturday was a whirlwind of ukulele playing, and then a full evening of swing dancing. The series lesson for April is Lindy Hop, which I’m pretty bad at, but looking to improve. Finally, I went on a mini shopping spree today, and hit up some good sales. Also, Chloe and I recorded and uploaded the first song to our ukulele channel, which you can totally check out if you’re into that.

Let’s get on to those q’s, hm?

06 April 2013

100 Subscribers Giveaway!

I hit 100 subscribers on YouTube this week! I know that's not a ton, but it's my first major milestone, so to thank everyone who has subscribed, I'm going to be doing a giveaway!

There's a video description of the giveaway, which you can watch right here:

and then there's the Rafflecopter entry box to go with it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just to recap what's in the video:
1. To enter, just use the Rafflecopter box. Subscribing on YouTube is the only mandatory step, but feel free to earn as many more entries as you'd like! (As an aside please don't lie and say you did something and not do it- I will be checking that the winner did actually do the things they claimed they did.)
2. The prize is any makeup bag/pencil case from my etsy shop.
3. This is open internationally, to anyone who is 18+ or has parental permission.

And that's that! Good Luck :D

04 April 2013

Updates from Around the Internet

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend!

I just wanted to take a quite minute to catch you up on some Technicolor Moments things in other places on the internet that you might have missed if you only check this blog.

03 April 2013

March Favorites 2013

Hey guys! Welcome to my March Favorites post!

I have a pretty wide range of favorites for you guys this week- beauty, video games, and even what passes as my poor idea of fashion?

So, here it goes:

01 April 2013

Monday Questions 4.1.13

Happy Monday, all! And, Happy April! Hope everyone had a good week and a lovely Easter weekend! My Easter was pretty low-key, we just had a quiet dinner and stuff, I guess the Easter Bunny didn’t realize that I had moved to South Carolina, because he didn’t show up this year.

My week in camp was definitely not worth the stress I had leading up to it. I enjoyed hanging out with two and three year olds for a couple days, getting to draw and read stories and all of that business. I have to say though, I loved naptime, as well. I also ate my weight in matzos. I didn’t keep Passover this year, but being at the Jewish camp, it was around. and I ate a LOT of it.

So here’s this weeks Qs to be A’d