28 December 2012

December 2012 Favorites

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great holiday- whichever you celebrate- or just an enjoyable couple days off if you had them. Now that the holiday craziness has died down a bit, it’s time for my December favorites!

It’s a pretty decent mix of crafty and beauty with some extras this month, I’ve been all over the place in terms of what’s been occupying my time lately. Here’s a preview, and read on for more details.

23 December 2012

Exploring Charleston!

My friend Chloe and I decided that we wanted to do some Charleston exploring this week, and since we both vlog we had planned to take a bunch of footage and put up a video or two. However, since I’m still learning my new camera, I also took a whole ton of pictures too, which I wanted to share.

We visited Blue Bicycle Books, Marion Square Park, Goorin Brothers Hat Shop & Robot Candy Company- which really are a few of my favorite places in Charleston. Here's my video in which we visit all of these places:

To see my faux-artsy attempt at photography, keep reading!

16 December 2012

DIY Christmas Ball Ornaments

One of my absolute favorite youtubers, Karen Kavett posted a video the other day as part of her 12 Days of Christmas Series where she showed off some awesome homemade ornaments she made with Christmas Balls from Target. I watched the video and was SO inspired by it, that I had to go out and buy some ornaments to decorate.

Luckily for me, Michaels is already marking down all of their holiday things, so I was able to pick up two 6 ornament sets for $2.50 each- 12 balls for 5 bucks, can’t beat that. I sat down with the ornaments and a whole array of craft stuffs: paint, ribbon, sequins, zippers, tape, pretty much everything, and here’s what I came up with!

15 December 2012

Holiday Door Décor and Christmas Cookie FAIL

Hey guys! So, as you have probably guessed by now, I love decorating my front door. Since I had wreaths for my last two doors, I’m sure you’re expecting another one since it’s actually wreath season and all of that, but I just wasn’t feeling it this month. I went super simple with some brown butcher paper and went with a “brown paper packages tied up with strings approach.

The same afternoon, I decided I really wanted to make Christmas cookies. As I may have mentioned, I am new to this whole Christmas thing, so I’ve never actually done that? I made a journey to Target to get a rolling pin and some cookie cutters and… you guys, it was a disaster.

Keep on reading to see both the cute door décor and my awful cookie fail.

14 December 2012

Two New Tutorial Videos

Hey guys! I have two new tutorial videos up for you at my channel, but you can also watch them linked here. Both of them are super easy and totally beginner crafts, but have the added bonus of looking impressive when you're finished with them.

06 December 2012

[Video] Craft Supply Storage & Collection

Hey guys- just sharing a video with you guys of my craft supply collection and how I very inefficiently store it all :)

Thanks for watching, and feel free to subscribe!