15 January 2018

About Technicolor Moments

Welcome to Technicolor Moments - my home for all things crafty, booky & #momlife related.

I'm Jenn: a 29 year old stay at home mom to two adorable little girls, two year old CJ and baby E. This blog has existed longer than either girl, so there's a heck of an archive to look back on, but this revival will have a good bit of mom stuff in addition to the craft projects & book reviews.

You can find all of my craft stuff here, mom stuff here, and book reviews here. Those are the main things that make up *me*, but I'm sure there will be plenty of other things here, too.

If you're looking to find me elsewhere on the internet, links are up along the top bar.

Welcome to Technicolor Moments, I hope you enjoy this ride as much as I do.


PS: Wondering where Technicolor Moments comes from? "We pencil-sketch our previous life so we can contrast it to the technicolor of the moment" - David Levithan, Boy Meets Boy :)

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