03 April 2013

March Favorites 2013

Hey guys! Welcome to my March Favorites post!

I have a pretty wide range of favorites for you guys this week- beauty, video games, and even what passes as my poor idea of fashion?

So, here it goes:

I think I may have mentioned before that I got a Nintendo 3DS for my birthday? So yes, I got a new fun toy, and I’ve been pretty much obsessed with it. I spent all month (well, after I finished Silver, which I was playing for a lot of February) playing Pokemon White 2, which I actually just “beat” today. I beat the Elite Four, but now I’m playing the after-bits of the game, which I never did before. Basically, I’m becoming re-in love with Pokemon again. Watching it, playing it, wearing it on my clothes- I’m a Pokemon fan.

This is the BEST app ever. It’s called Vine, and it’s a micro-vlogging app. Basically, you make an account, and then you post 5 second video clips in the same way you post a tweet or an instagram picture. You can record five consecutive seconds or however many shorter clips adding up to five minutes as you want. I love it, a lot of my favorite youtubers use it, and I HIGHLY recommend it. I’m on there @techni_moments, and if you follow me, I’ll probs follow you back.

Ah, Teefury. TeeFury is nothing new, they’ve been around for a while, but they have been ON POINT lately. I’ve probably gotten 6+ shirts for both my husband and I in the last month, ranging from Pokemon (I TOLD YOU.) to Doctor Who, to Firefly… Just. Everything. If you haven’t ever used TeeFury, they put up a shirt for 24 hours, and if you want it, they’re $11. Period. Except if you don’t get it, you miss your shot. So yeah, check that out, HERE.

[Just as a preface for these last two things, they were received in Influenster Vox Boxes for free, to review. However, I am giving my complete honest opinion here- I genuinely loved these products enough to include them in this favorites post, I just happened to get them for free. You can see my unboxing video HERE & the accompanying blog post HERE.]

I had just run out of hairspray when I got this, so I was like, well, okay. I’m going to use this and hope it’s good. I had heard decent things about the brand, and I liked how it smelled, and then once I used it, I was sold. It’s only like six bucks for a full size, but I’m really happy with how it holds my hair. Oh, and spoiler guys, I have a LOT of hair. I use this on Saturdays when I go swing dancing, and it keeps my hair under control for upwards of five hours of intense swinging.

Lastly, this little thing. It’s a sample size of the Olay Fresh Effects “Shine Shine Go Away” face wash, and then the Olay Fresh Effects Powered Contour Cleaning System. The Cleaning System has little rubbery bristles on it, and it’s battery operated and it sort of vibrates on your face? I was terrified of this, because I have really sensitive skin and I was like, “There is NO WAY that this is going to not make me break out atrociously.” Turns out, it did not make me break out atrociously. I used this for a few days, and also used the Cleaning System with my regular face wash a few times, and both times my face has been left SO clean looking and SO soft feeling and I’m completely sold on this thing. I think it’s around $13, which is way less than a Clarsonic or any of those things, and probably isn’t really comparable, but still a good alternative. The only downside is my face is so soft, I keep touching it. Whoops.

So, those are my favorites this month! What are you guys into? Let me know :D


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