04 April 2013

Updates from Around the Internet

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend!

I just wanted to take a quite minute to catch you up on some Technicolor Moments things in other places on the internet that you might have missed if you only check this blog.

First, I have a new DIY With Jenn blog post up at Wonderly! Go and check it out on the Wonderly Blog! I teach you how to use freezer paper to make stencils that you can use on pretty much anything, like a bag or jeans or a t-shirt.


I, of course, stenciled some ampersands (& other typography). If you’re interested in learning how to do it yourself, you can up at that blog post, and there’s also a video linked in the post. Also, if you’re not craftily inclined, there will also be ampersands and interrobangs on makeup cases/pencil bags up at my etsy shop in the very near future.


Finally, I have a couple new videos up on my youtube channel, including the newest one where I talk about the things I collect- books and buttons. You can watch that, right here:

PS: If you aren’t subscribed to my youtube channel, you should be, because in the next couple of days I’ll be announcing a giveaway there!

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