04 November 2012

Craft Fair Prep–What do I do with my business cards?!

I have a craft fair coming up, and SOON. Like, in less than two weeks soon. I’ve spent the last month or so preparing stock and all of that business, but now I need to get the rest of my stuff together because this is my VERY. FIRST. CRAFT FAIR.

As it turns out, I am obsessed with my business cards. I designed them around a picture I took of my own thread collection. Really, I took the picture to tweet a complaint about not having any purple, but ended up loving the picture which I now use for promotional things. (It matches my shop banner, as well as my cards that go with sold purchases and have a return customer coupon code on them.) I bought a few things, and made a few others-tutorials to come this week- but really didn’t want to buy a business card holder. So, I took an empty box, and some duct tape and this is what I came up with:
I used the box that my locking cash box came in (see below) and after I had constructed it, I decorated it to match. I should have taken pictures of myself doing it to share, but I just started playing with cardboard and tape, not expecting my first shot to come out this cute.
Duct tape & Washi tape turned a plain black locking box into my cash box. The front says "Are you smiling? SMILE!" to remind me to smile even when there isn't a potential customer in front of me. I also take credit cards, thanks to the awesome people at SquareUp!

Front and side- I love the shape of the side, with the dramatic slant. 
Back and empty. Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with duct tape?

All I did was take one of the narrower side pieces from the box, cut it to business card size, and score and fold it, with the back being a bit taller than my cards and the front a bit shorter. Then, I used the measurements of the sides and bottom to make the two side pieces, connecting the two sides with a diagonal line to get the finished shape. The inside is a bit messy, but I’m okay with that- no one will ever see that, there will always be cards there!

Also, I’m now out of fleur de lis duct tape, time to get some more! 
Thanks for checking this post out :)


  1. Nice post with great idea. This is the best idea ever about the plastic business cards arrangement. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These holders are very helpful in organizing plastic business cards and increases their live...

  3. you did a great job with these cards..i wish to do same with plastic business cards.