31 October 2012

It’s time for there to be a WINNER!

Alright so as you guys all know, I hosted a giveaway on my facebook through all of October, and as it is now October 31st, (HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!) it is time for me to announce the winner!

Before I do that, I want to show you guys exactly how I did this, so that there is no question as to the fairness/validity/etc of this giveaway.  Here are the rules I initially posted on facebook:
giveaway rules
Sooo, I sat here and went through the entire Current Stock album and put all of your names into a spreadsheet as promised, which I am putting here- cropping out most identifying information, but keeping first names. There you guys all are, ready and waiting for your names to be pulled!
Finally, I used random.org, which claims to use TRUE RANDOMNESS. According to them, “The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.” I don’t know what that means, honestly, but the are TRULY RANDOM, so there you go.
Clicked generate, and….
Justine is our winner! Justine, I’ll be getting in contact with you on facebook!

Also, for everyone who didn't win, I'm still offering free shipping until midnight tonight using the promo code TECHNICOLORHALLOWEEN, so feel free to take advantage of that :)

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