30 November 2012

November 2012 Favorites!

Hey guys, welcome to my November Favorites post! I have a bunch of favorites this month, both crafty and beauty, plus some others, so keep reading to see what they all are!

These handmade ornaments are my favorite thing on my tree this year. I have a video showing how I made these, and they’re super easy to do- you can literally make anything and stick it on a tree. I think that these are just precious, and I love the handmade Christmas look. This is also my “sort of first” Christmas- it’s complicated, but yeah, this is my first year decorating a Christmas tree, so I can’t stop making these.

Lately, I’ve been wearing a hairbow every single day- this is only part of my collection. Some of these I’ve made, and some are from other etsys/stores. Basically, I just think that they’re the absolute cutest accessory, and they make everything from curls to a simple side braid look so much more pulled together. I guess it’s sort of a little girl accessory, but I’m super into them his month, so I really don’t care!

JAPANESE. CHERRY. BLOSSOM. You guys. This is the best scent that Bath and Body Works has ever had. It’s perfectly floraly and sweet and a little bit spicy, and I just can’t get enough of it- This is only part of my collection, I also use the body wash, and keep a second lotion in my bag. If you’re looking for a new scent, I’d highly recommend giving this one a shot. I know it’s not a new one for B&BW, but it’s newish to me, and I’m just in love.

Have you tried these yet? These are Baby Lips by Maybelline and they’re sort of a tinted lip balm, and they’re super moisturizing and also smell absolutely delicious. The Coral Crush (orange tube with yellow letters) and Cherry (orange tube with pink letters) are my absolute favorites- Coral is the best scent and Cherry is the most tinted. I also love the one on the end- I can’t remember the name of it right now, but it’s completely clear, and the most moisturizing thing I’ve used in a long time.

Alright, candy canes really aren’t that serious, I know, but I freaking love them. In the course of an average holiday season, I’ll probably go through 3-5 boxes of these alone. This will be a favorite for all of December too, I’m sure, but yeah. Candy canes.

THE FREAKING DOCTOR. Okay. I started watching Doctor Who just over a week ago, and I’m already finishing season 4. I don’t know why I waited so long, or why I thought I wouldn’t like it, but holy moly, Doctor Who is amazing. I’m trying to finish up through the current season in time for the Christmas episode, which at the rate I’m going, I should be fine. If you haven’t watched this, you should. It’s all on netflix, and it’s just amazing.

Also, not sure if you can quite tell, but the last thing I'm loving in November is my Black Friday purchase- a Canon Rebel T3i! Finally, my picture and video quality will be awesome :)

So that’s all for my November favorites, let me know what you’re loving this month!


  1. Awesome products! I also love the Baby lips, new follower:)
    I also did a post on my November favorites!

  2. Of course Doctor Who is amazing! Silly girl =P

    Did you start with the 9th Doctor, or the 10th? Who's your favourite? and which companion do you like best? (I can be a little obsessive...)

  3. @Kristy C I started with Nine! I honestly don't think I have a favorite Doctor, but I love Rose so much.

  4. @jenn_are

    Fair enough. I love Rose too, though my favourite is Amy who shows up in season 5, if you haven't got there yet =)