23 December 2012

Exploring Charleston!

My friend Chloe and I decided that we wanted to do some Charleston exploring this week, and since we both vlog we had planned to take a bunch of footage and put up a video or two. However, since I’m still learning my new camera, I also took a whole ton of pictures too, which I wanted to share.

We visited Blue Bicycle Books, Marion Square Park, Goorin Brothers Hat Shop & Robot Candy Company- which really are a few of my favorite places in Charleston. Here's my video in which we visit all of these places:

To see my faux-artsy attempt at photography, keep reading!

(All pictures can be clicked on to view larger)
The front window of Blue Bicycle Books. They keep a stack of those blue books with white letters for the window display which is always changing. I like this one a lot, I’m all about keeping it local. Plus I love the books on display right now- A Casual Vacancy, Eloise, The Polar Express-just great books.

Marion Square was great and all done up for Christmas, even though it was bright out (and also super warm!) but it was still so pretty. I love the fountain that has tips for making decisions engraved. I thought “Will it build good will and better friendships” fit the mood of the day.

So many pictures from Goorin Brothers Hat Shop. Basically, this store was amazing and the people who worked there were so kind and helpful, but on top of that the shop itself was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t stop myself from taking about 5000 pictures, so here are just a few of my favorites.

I adore how they used vintage pieces and beautiful feathers to show off the already fantastic hats. I didn’t buy anything, but I definitely will be. Also, if you check out Chloe’s video from the day, she actually interviewed one of the kind gentleman who works there, so you can see some of that.

Lastly we ended up at Robot Candy Company, and again I couldn’t control my camera, but for a complete opposite reason. In the hat shop, it was all about the vintage-ness, and the muted colors, and the antiquity of it all, but Robot is just bright lights, fun colors and crazy candies.
Don’t you just want to eat all of that? I definitely do.

Thanks for looking at my billions of pictures! Let me know below- what are some of your favorite local hidden gems? Anything around you that’s sort of off the beaten path and just perfect?

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