15 December 2012

Holiday Door Décor and Christmas Cookie FAIL

Hey guys! So, as you have probably guessed by now, I love decorating my front door. Since I had wreaths for my last two doors, I’m sure you’re expecting another one since it’s actually wreath season and all of that, but I just wasn’t feeling it this month. I went super simple with some brown butcher paper and went with a “brown paper packages tied up with strings approach.

The same afternoon, I decided I really wanted to make Christmas cookies. As I may have mentioned, I am new to this whole Christmas thing, so I’ve never actually done that? I made a journey to Target to get a rolling pin and some cookie cutters and… you guys, it was a disaster.

Keep on reading to see both the cute door décor and my awful cookie fail.

Here’s my front door! Just three simple brown paper packages tied up with string- and a nice big ribbon bow! I like these because they're very... plain? Is it weird to like something because it's plain? Don't get me wrong, I love driving around and seeing all of the crazy houses with tons and tons of lights and full on displays, but until I live in a house where I can go all out, I'd rather stay small. Although when I do have my own home, all bets are off.

I guess the next thing I’ll be decorating for is Valentine’s Day, so let me know what you think I should do for Valentine’s Day, since I don’t have any ideas yet. Maybe I’ll get a baby doll and make it into cupid, although I’m not sure how I’d hang that… Hm, I’ll have to think on that.

And sadly, here are my cookies. Guys, I don’t know what I did. I mean, clearly I didn’t even get to the part where you cut out shapes. I couldn’t figure out how to roll out the dough. I did EVERYTHING the instructions told me to do, I let the dough sit in the fridge for like 2 hours and it was still so sticky and goopy I just plopped it down on some parchment and threw them in the oven.

Hopefully next time it works out better, but, I’m a little disappointed.  Tell me what I did wrong! Do any of you guys have foul-proof sugar cookie recipes? Sigh.

And that’s what’s going on here- Basically my home has been “Jenn Learns How To Do Christmas” since the end of Thanksgiving. Today I learned stocking stuffers. (Spoilers: Toys for adults. Also, candy, and as per special request, beef jerky?) It’s very interesting to grow up (very VERY moderately) Jewish and observe Christmas as an outsider, and then marry in to it. I’m learning though, and I’m trying my best.


  1. well,i was in the same position as you 27 years ago, growing up Jewish and marrying into"Christmas", its a learning curve, but you catch on.As far as the cookies go, did you use real butter or margarine? that will make a difference, also did you use a dry measure cup for the flour& other dry ingredients? to roll the dough spread flour on the table and rolling pin.add more every time it gets sticky.hope that helps a lil.if you were closer I'd have you over next weekend with me and Kylie.<3

  2. @Cheryl'sBlogSpot I'm pretty sure I did everything right! I think it was just a flop recipe or something. I wish I could come make cookies with you :(