16 December 2012

DIY Christmas Ball Ornaments

One of my absolute favorite youtubers, Karen Kavett posted a video the other day as part of her 12 Days of Christmas Series where she showed off some awesome homemade ornaments she made with Christmas Balls from Target. I watched the video and was SO inspired by it, that I had to go out and buy some ornaments to decorate.

Luckily for me, Michaels is already marking down all of their holiday things, so I was able to pick up two 6 ornament sets for $2.50 each- 12 balls for 5 bucks, can’t beat that. I sat down with the ornaments and a whole array of craft stuffs: paint, ribbon, sequins, zippers, tape, pretty much everything, and here’s what I came up with!

I have these organized from the easiest (you child can do this one) to most difficult (some skill required) but really all of these were pretty darn easy.
This first set was as easy as it gets. Pop the cap off the ornament, stuff something in it, put the cap back on. Literally no skill required. However, they’re so cute! The tinsel on, especially, I love. These are great because you can put anything in these- maybe a copy of your child’s Christmas list, or something else sentimental, or you can do what I did and cut a piece of tinsel, and also reuse a broken zipper.

This set requires “ability to use a glue gun.” All I did for the first one was take a long strip of sequins from JoAnn Fabrics and just hot glue it around the ball. You could also do this with ribbon, or even yarn to make a full yarn ball ornament. The second one is buttons glued into a tree. You could use buttons to make any sort of design at all, or even cover the whole ornament.

For this little snowman head, I painted the ball white, and then hot glued on the button eyes like in the previous one, but then added a ribbon nose. Then I used the back end of a paint brush to make the little coal mouth. If you do this, please don’t make your dots perfect! They’re chunks of coal, not perfect circles.

These two require paint, and a decent amount of it, too. Put a whole bunch of paint inside the ball after popping the top off, and then slowly twirl the ball around to let the paint cover the whole interior. I also have one where I filled the ball and recapped it, then shook it furiously around, but the colors mixed, and these two are definitely the nicer ones. I absolutely ADORE the black red and white one, with the heavy swirls.

I failed at painters tape with this one- I tried to use painters tape where ribbon or string would be on a wrapped package to leave clear showing but it bleed under. With it hanging on the tree, you really can’t tell, though. Then, I added a bow out of ribbon.

This was the one that I copied directly from Karen. She had a Pokeball, and I absolutely couldn’t resist, especially since the Husband and I have been watching through the entire series of Pokemon all week. After I showed him my standard Pokeball, he also requested a GreatBall, which is the blue one. These are so perfectly nostalgic and nerdy- they remind me of the holiday season when I was around 10 and myself and all of my siblings got ALL Pokemon related gifts.

This is honestly my precious baby right here. My TARDIS. As you know from my November favorites, I have been watching Doctor Who, and this just sums it up. I painted a TARDIS on a Christmas ball. It doesn’t get more Whovian than that. This is pretty easy if you have just a bit of artistic talent.

Finally, this is probably the most complicated and definitely the most time consuming of all of them. I started out by cutting up paint sample strips. I just used one red one and one green one, both fading from dark to light. I cut each one up into small pieces and then working in small patches, laid some Modge Podge and arranged the cut up paint chips randomly. Once I was finished, I covered the whole thing in the Modge Podge. I absolutely love how this one turned out, it’s so unique.

I also posted a video where I talked about the different ornaments, which you can see here: http://youtu.be/-RyP57wWngs

And that’s it for my DIY Christmas Ornaments! Do you have any DIY ornaments? I’d love to see them, so share the link below.

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