14 December 2012

Two New Tutorial Videos

Hey guys! I have two new tutorial videos up for you at my channel, but you can also watch them linked here. Both of them are super easy and totally beginner crafts, but have the added bonus of looking impressive when you're finished with them.

The first is how to make Freezer Paper Stencils, and stencil pretty much anything with just products you you probably already have in your home. It's actually really easy to do, and comes out looking super professional. All you need to try it out is some freezer paper from the grocery store, an iron, and some paint (plus something to stencil on to.) Full details in the video.

The second video shows two different fabric scrap flowers, one that is completely no sew at all, just with a hot glue gun, and another that is just hand sewing. These flowers are amazing as hairbows, decorations on knitted hats, and can even be turned into jewelry, and it's all just fabric scraps you were going to throw away anyway. 

Thanks for checking out the videos!

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