27 September 2012

Tarte's Carried Away Collectors Set

Okay, so I saw this on sale at Sephora.com, and I just couldn't pass it up. It was listed as a $512 value for $54, so I ordered it without really thinking about it. Then, when I had my inevitable buyers remorse, I couldn't find swatches or anything anywhere online, so I figured I'd do some. I like it overall, but I don't love love it. Details below. 

It's very beautifully packaged, even though I'm not a huge purple fan, ha. 
The case is very nice. It's pretty, and it feels like it's good quality too. I will definitely be using this when I go away for a weekend or whatever and just need to bring a few thing with me.
Open, still packed: 8 Maracuja lipglosses, a mirror hiding the 24 Amazonian Clay eyeshadows, a Blushing Beauty Domed blush brush, 1 Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara, 1 Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush in Adventurous, and an Amazonian Clay FInishing Powder
Especially because it has this awesome mirror built into it!

Maracuja Lipglosses: Top: Jena, Mer, Ali,Nuria, Bottom: Heath, Casey, Anna, Mel
I really love the lipglosses. They smell sort of sweet, which I really like. Maybe it's the memory of Bonnie Bell or whatever, but I love sweet lip products. Jena, Nuria, and Mel are probably my favorites, but I like that Casey is a non-shimmery nude.

All of the eyeshadows with the clear cover showing the names of the colors. 

Here they are without the cover on it. 

First three quads (top 2, left of the middle row.). I swatched them as quads, but listed them top and bottom- I can clarify any if you need me to. Top: Snowfall in Paris, Golden Gate Bridge, Pearl River, Seychelles Sand, Pebble Beach, Boston Brick. Bottom: Volcanic Ash, Pyramid Gold, Touchdown in Londontown, Martha's Vineyard, Spanish Sangria, Napa Grapes
Okay so, the eyeshadows. Like, the reason I bought this. Some of them are really great, and some are not. Here are the top two, and the left one from the middle. As you can tell, there are some that just don't show up at all. I didn't swatch these onto primer, so that might change things, but you can't see the lightest colors in the second or third quad at all. I love the other colors in the third one, and the first one is really pretty too. Touchdown in Londontown looks so blue in the packet, but super purple on the skin, and as I've said- not a purple fan.

Right of middle row, and bottom two, again swatched as quads but listed top and bottom. Top: Georgia Peach, Tuscan Sun, Iceland Air, Mystic Seaport, Sunshine State, Hawaiian Palm. Bottom: Acai Jungle, Coral Reef, Concrete Jungle, Hampton Waves, Olive Grove, Sin City.
And the last few the right middle, and bottom two quads. Almost none of the lighter colors show up at all. BUT! on the bright side, all of the darker colors are super pigmented and great. I like Coral Reef best of these, I think, and also Hampton Waves. 

I'm hoping these are better with primer, but overall, I like them. If I were buying these quads individually, I'd be much more likely to buy the first three than the second. I love the lipglosses though, so no complaints there. 

It also came with the blush which is a great rose-y gold color, a finishing powder which is soooooo soft and I can't wait to use, and a mascara that I've heard great things about but haven't tried yet. Overall, even with the downfalls in the eyeshadow, these three things, the lipgloss and the case would have been worth the $54 I paid for it, so I'm calling this a worthwhile purchase.

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