Saturday, September 1, 2012

Custom Order Guidelines

Custom orders are great and I love them! I would love to put your initials/monogram, Greek letters, etc on anything and everything! Please get in contact with me and we can definitely work something out. :)

Pricing Guide for Custom Orders:
-Purse Sized Messenger Bags (11x10x2) - $20
-School Bag Sized Messenger Bags (14x12x4) - $25
-Purse Sized Tote Bag (12x10x2) - $15
-School Bag Sized Tote Bags (14x12x4) - $20
-Makeup Bags/Pencil Cases/etc (Any size up to/including 9" wide) - $12
-Makeup/Pencil/etc Case Larger than 9" - Price will be subject to cost of larger zipper

-Any Messenger/Tote/etc bag CAN have an inside zippered pocket, for an additional $5. These bags can have a pocket with NO ZIPPER put in for no additional cost, but please specify ahead of time. 

-Any of these products can be stenciled for an additional $2 if it is a stencil that I have listed/had listed in the past (as in, a stencil that I already have designed & cut). Any new or custom designed stencil can be done for $5. 

-I am more than willing to work with any customer who wants a unique size/shape/etc, please just message me! 

**Please note that custom order prices are subject to change based on cost of fabric/materials/etc**

If you are interested in a current order, feel free to leave a comment here, or shoot me an email.

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