11 September 2012

In preparation for an interview: My Biggest Weakness.

Alright, confession time, guys. I like a lot of things, but I really don't like anything a lot. Which is by far the hardest part of this blog.Part of me is like, "totally, a craft blog is what you want," while another part of me is like, "uh no, books!" And then there's this other part of me that just wants a place to rant about politics. None of those things really make a cohesive blog, but it's me, you know?

Anyway, turns out, there's another part of me I've been suppressing. Alright. Hi, my name is Jenn, and I am a makeup addict. And when I buy new things, I'm excited, and want to show it off, and talk to people about colors and formulas and lasting-ness, and. Well, I'm sorry, but I'm adding another layer to this mess of a blog. Let's talk makeup.

I went to Ulta & Walgreens this week/last week, and picked up a few things that I really like.
Ulta & Walgreens Haul!
The two NYX lipsticks are in LSS576: Frosted Flakes and LSS597: Margarita. I. LOVE. MARGARITA. It's such a great bright pink, and it's a smooth, creamy consistency, and it's just really perfect in every way, except that it doesn't stay on as well as I'd like. I have to reapply a few times when I wear it, but the color is so great, it's worth having to reapply after my coffee. The frosted flake has the same great consistency but I only sort of like the color. I was hoping for a really great nude, but it doesn't match me too well. However, with a light gloss on the top, it's pretty wonderful as well. I love these NYX lipsticks, and I intend to buy more.

Next is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. The orangey one is 040: Rendezvous and it is my favorite thing to ever be on my lips. It has all of the pros of the NYX colors, with some serious staying power. Yesterday, that stuff- just on a naked lip, no base or anything- lasted through breakfast, a 2 mile run, a coffee, a nap, and lunch before I took it off to play with some other colors. I am obsessed. The paler pink(001: Honey) isn't what I expected, really. I was hoping it would match the wrapping, but it ends up being closer to the nude I was looking for, so all in all, win win, right? Again, this stuff stays on forever. I want all of these. 

The last tube, despite my husband's confusion, is the Essence CoverStick in 01: Matte Sand. I heard about this through the youtuber Miss Glamarazzi, who used it in a back to school tutorial, and since she has similar coloring/dark circles to mine, I decided to give it a shot. Um, perfect. I use this right under my eyes, and then put some BB Cream or tinted moisterizer over it, and covers my terrible circles. I'm 100% satisfied with this. 

In order: Frosted Flakes, Margarita, Honey, Rendezvous, Matte Sand. 

The last thing there is the Maybelline Gel Liner which, honestly, I'm still iffy on. This, unfortunately, is more on my own incompetence than the product though. I posted in the Reddit Makeup Addiction community asking for tips on liquid eyeliner (which I suck at, holy moly) and a bunch of ladies there suggested I start with the gel liner instead of the liquid. So, I bought this one and... eh? It's a little easier than the liquid, but I've only really used it once, so I'm going to try it a few more times before I make a call. It did stay on for a really long time though, despite the fact that it didn't look great.

So yeah, there we go. Makeup, apparently. I think coming up soon will be a craft/sewing tutorial, or at least that's my plan. Until then-

And, if you by any chance need a new makeup case... jus' sayin'.


  1. I love the Revlon balm stains~! Awesome haul~! :) I'm your newest follower!


  2. makeup is so much fun to play with! haha i love the revlon balms! have you tried their lip butters?

    1. yep! I have two lip butters and I like the texture of them a lot, but so far I haven't found a color I absolutely love yet. Any suggestions for a pale skinned, dark haired newbie?