13 October 2012

Technicolor Moments Giveaway!

I have some exciting news- for you! I'm hosting an October giveaway from my etsy shop via my facebook page.

I had set up the contest to be that if I hit 100 followers by Halloween, I would give one randomly drawn person any $10 item from my store, or a $10 credit for a larger item. Well, I hit 100 way earlier than I expected, so now it's a sure thing that one person will be winning a Technicolor Moments item! I've added a second incentive that I'll give a second prize- the same thing, just to a second person- if the page hits 200 likes. So take a quick minute and go like the page!

The second step is you must leave a comment on any item in the CURRENT STOCK album to tell me what you'd like to win. You can always change your mind when you win/if I add new things you like more if I pull your name, but I'm using those comments to draw the list of entrants, so make sure you've commented if you want to win!

Thanks for helping me out with this dream o' mine :)

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