14 May 2013

Treasury Tuesday 5.14.13: Buttons!

Happy Tuesday! This week my treasury is all about BUTTONS! I absolutely love them. I have a button collection that I love to add to, and I'm always looking for both new and old buttons. 

And don't get me wrong- you can totally find some really awesome buttons for you to use on etsy. This week, however, I'm showing off some really cool finished projects that utilize buttons. There's some jewerly, some picture frames, some hairbows- just really cutesy things with some awesomely colored buttons in them.

Keep reading for the adorbs:
And, don't forget that I have some button hairbows in my shop as well! You can still use that coupon code, SPRINGCLEANING, on these and anything else in my shop until the 17th :D There's a ton of colors and patterns- and not to mention a bunch of buttons.

Thanks for reading! If you liked the items in the treasury, consider taking a second to head over to etsy and favorite the items- I'm sure the shop owners would appreciate it! (And if you buy any of them, let the shop owner know where you found them ;D)

PS: You may have noticed a lack of Monday Questions post this week. I've decided to stop doing the Monday posts, mostly because I also have videos that go up on Mondays. You can watch them here, at my youtube channel :D

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