22 October 2012

Tutorial: Full Moon Wreath for Halloween

Apparently, my apartment complex has a Halloween Door Decorating contest, with a judging on October 31. I just found out about this last night, so I had to act quickly. I made a quick trip to both Michaels and Target today, and this is what I came up with:

I like it. It's simple, but I like it.
The most fun part of this was definitely making the full moon wreath- I'm not going to lie, I googled for quite a bit trying to find one to go off of and there was NOTHING. So, I'm going to show you how I did it! I would probably do this a little differently if I were to do it again, so I'd love to see what YOU come up with if you do this. 

If you wanna learn how I made my full moon wreath, keep reading!

 So here's what I got- a small styrofoam hoop, some gold felt, some white glittery felt, and a white boa that has silvery threads in it. I already had a whole bunch of flat head pins, but if you don't, you should grab some of these too.

So, I grabbed my foam hoop, and traced it out on one piece of the yellow felt, and cut that out. I didn't worry about the sides because- well, you'll see. But just worry about covering the top. 

Pin that thing down with a pin or two, and then pin one end of the boa to the ring and start wrapping. Again, I didn't know what I was going to be doing, so I only bought one boa, and made it spaced out, which worked pretty well. If you wanted to get two, or a longer one, that would probably look cool too. 

Okay so you cut your felt into squares right? No? Well get on that! Make sure you cut a bunch- I cut up all of the remaining two yellow felt pieces, but just one of the white. 

Alright, now take those felt squares and pin them on. Smush them together, and just use one pin for each square. Do this all the way around the wreath, but make sure you pull the boa/shiny strings between some of them. These are like, moonbeams or something. I dunno, they're shiny. 

Don't forget the inside AND outside of the ring, and boom. There you go- full moon wreath, perfect to hang over your cut out tombstones for your last minute door decoration!

My tombstones leave something to be desired, though. For those who are curious, we have the
birth-death dates of Mr. Albus Dumbledore and Mr. JRR Tolkien. 

And that's it! If you make one of these, please share! I'll probably end up making a lot of holiday wreaths now that I see how easy and cute they are.

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