01 August 2013

Tie Dye Party!

Chloe & I had a tie dye party this week! And by that, I mean Chloe & I spent two days tie dying by ourselves in the backyard with no one else around. But we had a good time and made some crazy cool stuff.

We dyed a TON- like, 6 shirts, two pairs of shorts, a dress and three yards of fabric, and still had a bit of dye left over. I have a couple pictures under the cut, & also a video which shows off my favorite techniques and also my favorite pieces we dyed.


Bottles full of powder & again once we diluted them and shook them up. SO PRETTY.

Chloe’s tie dye hands. Let’s face it- dyed hands are the best part of the craft.

A table full of finished tie dye!

And, you can find the video here:

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