29 August 2013

Back to School DIY | Make Your Own Pencil Case

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Hey guys! It’s just about that time (or maybe after that time, I don’t know) for heading back to school. My favorite part of this time of year when I was in school was school supply shopping. I am absolutely obsessed with school supplies. I love notebooks & pens & pencils and just, all of that stuff, ugh it’s so good.

Well, I’m not going back to school this year, but I still can’t shake the habit of school supply loving, so I thought I’d do some back to school crafts for you guys, starting with a DIY pencil case.

IMG_3277All you need for this is some fabric, and a zipper. This is a great stash busting project because you need less than 1/4 of a yard each of an outer fabric & a lining. You’ll also need pins & sewing goodies, but other than that, it’s just the fabric & a zip.

(I forgot to take a picture of the first step, but…) You need to cut two rectangles out of each fabric. My rectangles measured 8 inches x 5 inches. You can alter that, but this seems to be a really great size.

To attach the zipper, put your one each of the two fabrics right sides together & then sandwich the zipper between them. You want the zipper teeth to be facing the outer fabric. Just pin that & sew.

You’ll wanna do that on both sides of the zipper, with the other two rectangles on the other side.

5Now you’re going to open up the pencil case so that the outer fabrics are right side together & the linings are also, with the zipper in between them.

You’re going to sew all the way around the entire thing, leaving a gap in the bottom of the lining so that you can turn it right side out later.

The diagram above shows where you should be sewing.


Turn the whole shebang right side out and sew that gap up.

IMG_3289The end! You’re done! It’s super easy, and it’s totally done. You could totally hand sew this or use a no sew alternative, but it's only a few simple stitches.

If you end up doing one of these, you should send me a picture at @techni_moments on both twitter & instagram.

ALSO! I’m giving this away! Head over here to check out my vlog for details & to enter. Giveaway will close on September 5.

PS! I have two videos with some back to school advice up on my youtube channel: Advice for Surviving High School & College and How to Get Yourself Organized :)

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