24 July 2012

Some things I've done lately

So, I just did pretty much the coolest thing ever- I made a handwriting out of my own font!. I can see it as I type, but unfortunately, you don't have it installed so you can't :( However, it will be my signature so you can see it there! It was so freaking easy too- just go to myscriptfont.com and print out the template, and then fill it out, reupload and install the font. Probably took me 15 minutes tops. I wish I would have had this two months ago, definitely would have made all of my thank you notes after my wedding and all that sooo much easier. Especially since I printed them all out anyway. Or addressing invitations! Damn, I'm so upset about not having this pre-wedding. But at least I have it now. Oh- and if you plan to do this, find a character you won't use (I picked a bracket, since I figured I wouldn't need brackets AND parenthesis) and make it something cute. My brackets - { & } are a heart and a smiley face! So, yeah, the heart in the signature is my handwriting too! Also, my ampersand, @ symbol, etc, are all unique too. You should totes do this! 

Another thing I did lately was this: My husband gets these protein supplements and stuff like that, and they all come in these cute red bottles, which happened to match my red and chrome kitchen pretty well.. Since I needed something to put sugar and flour in, I started saving his empty ones, printed some labels on sticker paper and voila! There's also a smaller size for baking soda, baking powder & whatnot, and a bigger huge size that I'm thinking I might turn into a cookie jar.  I'm pretty proud of these, especially because husband already had sticker paper from something he did, so this was free! 
Lastly, I did this for my fridge- It's just some cute stationary (from my sorority) inside of a picture frame with some magnets hot glued to the back. Instant dry erase board! Literally could not be easier. This would be cute with lined paper for a teacher, or blank sheet music for a musician- endless possibilities :) If I was still a collegiate sorority member, I'd definitely go to the dollar store and grab a whole bunch of cheap cute frames to put these in bid day bags. Maybe I'll make a couple for the the chapter I've started working wit as an advisor? hmmm. 
Well, now that this is apparently a craft dump post, here's what's next: I have an almost empty jar candle from a Bath & Body Works sale that I'm going to turn into a makeup brush holder, and I also need to come up with some way to display all of the birthdays in my family. Just being married and all that, I instantly gained like, 15 more birthdays I need to be responsible for remembering, what with my husband being one of FIVE and all of that. So yeah, those are my next projects. Feels good to be crafty again, for sure. 

omg it's so cuteeeeeee! (seriously, do this!)

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