10 July 2012

Bein' a Lady

I'm having a weird couple days where I hate being a woman. No, not that. The world is sort of a weird place right now. 

Laci Green, a prominent sex positive vlogger on youtube, has been scared off of the internet because of stalkers on tumblr. Because of a comment that she made in 2009, in which she casually used a specific slur, she has had multiple death threats and pictures of her apartment sent to her. Did I mention she APOLOGIZED for the slur and also acknowledged how wrong it was, and that she's learned over the last three years that the word is inappropriate? 

Oh, also, I should mention, I don't particularly like Laci Green. I've subscribed to her channel for a while, and I find her sort of.. offputting? She's very dedicated to providing a safe space for sexuality, but she hasn't quite figured out gender, and she has a habit of being insensitive to people who don't share her exact views. She has good videos and not so good videos, and I definitely feel like she misses the point a lot. But she doesn't deserve death threats! Like, how is that even a logical move? How do you go from "I don't like that word you used, can we have a discussion about how we use words" to "I found your apartment and I'm going to kill you." 


Some of the arguments from people who are supporting her stalkers are also so baffling to me. It's a lot of "she's a white cis girl who needs to check her privilege," which, okay. But again, how do we go from "check your privilege" to "I'm going to fucking kill you." Please, someone help me here?

The other thing, is this Daniel Tosh thing. I know that's from some girl's tumblr and it's a sketchy source and stuff, but he tweeted that there is truth to it, so, yeah, Daniel Tosh basically told an audience that a girl should be raped for standing up and saying rape jokes aren't funny.

I don't have as much to say about this, because it's pretty apparent to anyone who isn't also a Big Bang Theory fan that Daniel Tosh is so unfunny it's sick, but I just. Fuck man, being a woman lately is not a good deal.

I couldn't convince Chris to not watch Tosh.0 tonight, so I decided to count misogynistic comments. After 5 minutes of disgust, I put headphones in, so I don't have a count for you. There was a count at 5 minutes. So, there's that. 

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