03 July 2012

Do Books Beat iPad Apps?

No, that isn't a question I need you to answer for me. That is, in all seriousness, a question posed by the USA Today Books twitter account.

My response: "Is that a real question?"

I would not have even read this article if it weren't for the fact that it was part of an interview with John Green, one of my favorite authors, about the upcoming Nerdfighter Summer Book Club and the book of choice, Fahrenheit 451. So, I read this article, and yes, USA Today genuinely wants a response to whether or not books are better than iPad apps. I don't even think I need to argue that point- anyone who is reading my blog probably appreciates books more than apps- if that is untrue, I sincerely hope you found me on accident and aren't actually like, a friend?

Thankfully most of the responses were eloquently worded- "duh." But now I have to wonder. Because Green did mention that there is talk in the publishing world about how there is a push to make books more like apps- quick and flashy and ... applike? Is this a thing that I have to worry about? Don't get me wrong- I have (and love) a kindle fire, and a smartphone with a kindle app, and I frequently read on those devices, but the books are still the same as the hardcover versions. Is my future going to be books that are completely flashy and require an iPad or kindle to read? I'm envisioning links and video embedded in every new "book," and if I'm being honest, that sounds just.. gimmicky. (Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, anyone?)

I don't know, man. The future scares me.

Also, is anyone else amused by the fact that every single article mentioning either Green Brother has to define Nerdfighter? 


  1. first of all, what book should i start with if i want to read something by john green?

    second, this isn't even a proper comparison -- books vs. ipad apps -- they're not even in the same category! like, i've i'm deciding between playing temple runner & anything else, i'm not going to put books in the anything else category. does that make sense?

    i hope you write all da timeeee!

  2. The Fault in Our Stars is definitely his best selling/most popular book, but I'd suggest reading them in order of publication? His writing improves a lot and the progression is cool to see.

    Looking For Alaska is really really good
    An Abundance of Katherines is my favorite, but most people's least favorite
    Paper Towns should really be two books, I love the first half and the second half is just okay
    The Fault in Our Stars is oh my god so good and so sad.

    He has other books that are cowritten, but read his first! haha.

    Whoops, that got out of control. I think the article was just ridiculous, honestly. AAAAAANDDD I'm going to try, haha.