26 January 2018

Stay at Home Style Book

Let me get this out of the way- I am not a stylish or fashionable person. Most of my clothes are from Target, Wal-Mart or so old I don't remember. But I do enjoy putting together outfits. It's just that since I've been staying home, I really have no excuse to, especially since some days I don't even leave the house.

That's why, last weekend, I made a commitment to get actual-dressed every day this week. It's Friday afternoon & I can honestly say that I did it! Even on the days I didn't leave the house, I got out of my pajamas and into something other than other pajamas or yoga pants. Here's what I wore:

Monday I started strong: I put JEANS ON. I legitimately don't even know the last time I wore these jeans, and they also kind of don't fit, but it was nothing a belt couldn't fix. I paired them with a tank top and a... I don't even know what to call it- it's not a cardigan? Either way, I've had it since my student teaching days, so 2011, and I'm pretty sure it was from Kohl's. I was uncomfortable all day because there's no need to wear jeans when you spend 90% of your time on the floor with kids, but I did it.

Tuesday I wore jean leggings & a tunic both from Wal-Mart. I love that shirt and I wear it all the time. This is how I pretty much dressed all the time when I was a preschool teacher: leggings and a tunic and it's how I'm most comfortable. 

Wednesday was another interesting day. I'm trying to weed out my closet and I'm doing this by forcing myself to wear clothes I rarely/never wear, and if I don't love it by the end of the day, it goes into a donate box. I love the leggings (Lularoe) but I have only worn the shirt (Target Maternity, lol) once and I wasn't thrilled with it when I was pregnant with CJ. But, I put it on and actually kind of like it. I ended up wearing the belt a little lower than in the picture and it was cute and comfortable all day. I think I'm gonna keep it. 

Thursday was the first day all week I knew I wasn't leaving the house, so I did comfortable again. Lula and a Wal-mart raglan. Honestly, I think this was one of the cuter outfits this week, so, there we go. 

 Friday I decided to again, dig into the closet I haven't worn in a while. I used to be obsessed with maxi skirts, I probably have somewhere in the range of 15, but I kind of stopped wearing them when I got more into leggings. However I have so many of them and I can't bring myself to get rid of them, so today is another love it or lose it day. So far, I feel like I'm just chillin' in a little blanket, so I think I'm going to bring these back and start wearing them more regularly.

So there we go: I got actually dressed in (what I think are) cute outfits every day this week. I think I'm going to try to keep this going. I feel better and more productive when I have real clothes on, and I have so many pieces I really love to wear. I don't think I'll keep blogging my outfits, but if I fall off the wagon and need accountability, I might.

What do you wear on a normal day? Especially if you're a stay at home person like I am, do you have a "uniform" you tend to stick to?

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