28 March 2013

Blogger’s Block!

I think I'm having bloggers block, guys.

I miss all of the posts that I did back in Blogrurary, but now it's like I can't even come up with anything to post! I'm not really having vlogger block, or really crafter's block, but I'm just having a hard time coming up with blog ideas.

I've been toying with the idea of maybe coming up with more weekly or bi-weekly ideas, similar to the Monday Questions I've been doing- potentially maybe Treasury Thursdays, where I put together an Etsy treasury? Not sure.

I mean, originally, this was a place of ranting. I could always go back to that! Okay, you know what. In no particular order, here are the top five things that I want to rant about today.

1. The four year old who peed all over the day care room today. I’m working at a Spring Break day camp (like, for kids who have parents who still work even when school is out for a week, etc), and despite my insistence that I don’t get babies, I’ve been in the toddler room. Today, I watched a four year old begin to have an accident, run to the bathroom, and then continue to pee all over the bathroom floor. Like. KID. You were IN THE BATHROOM. ugh.

2. My inability to find matzah in South Carolina. It’s Passover, and I want matzah. I want to make French Toast out of it, I want to cover it in chocolate, and I want to eat it like crackers. However, the guy at Walmart today literally said to me: “Matzah? Never heard of it. Sorry, dear.” You’ve got to be kidding me.

3. This stupid picture on facebook. Preface: I AM TOTALLY IN FAVOR OF MARRIAGE EQUALITY. I think that everyone should be able to get married and be happy and in love and have a family and have all of that. We all understand that, yes? Yes? Okay good. Now that we’ve covered that. What about trans* people who still have to deal with like, not being allowed to use certain bathrooms in public? (Also much more important and serious issues for both people within the trans* community and tons of other communities, just an example.) See also: THIS tumblr post, which is much more eloquent than I am.

And also, like, I don’t know who anyone on my facebook feed is without pictures, so can we like, not?

4. Cold weather. I will regret this when It’s 110+ in June, but right now It’s almost April, and around 50 degrees and I’m cold. I’m not happy about that.

5. The end of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I literally have no words to say about how sad I am that the Lizzie Bennet Diaries are over. If you haven’t watched them yet, go. Go now. Stop reading my mediocre blog and go watch the best thing to ever be on youtube. If you have, feel free to commiserate with me in the comments.

Hm. Well, I feel a little bit better now. But I’d still like to know: How to you keep coming up with fresh blog ideas? What do you guys like in a blog? What would you like me to talk about?


  1. I totally understand why you would rant about 1.
    Yet, I have no idea what matzah is, so I don't know if I agree on 2.
    3 is definitely true, on all accounts
    the weather is crappy, even here in Belgium, which is pretty far from where you live (so global weathersuck)
    adn 5, omg, I will miss LBD so much! I was always really looking forward to the new episodes and now there will be this whole void in my life! How should I try to begin and fill that?

    As for fresh blog ideas, I blog about books, so I just have to pick a book or discussion topic related to books pretty much. Though it's not all that hard, sometimes I just don't feel like blogging. My advice: go do fun things and blog about that, or rant some more, it's entertaining to read :)

  2. @appelkers Haha, as far as the first, I was just having a rough day- the other complaints still stand! Matzah is like, sort of a big cracker thing that goes along with the Jewish holiday, Passover. :D