28 August 2012

Potentially Getting My Life Started?

After being here in South Carolina for what feels like forever almost three full months, I finally got my teaching certificate! I was already certified in Pennsylvania, but the processes here for everything are, let's just say very different. So, yeah, I can officially teach here.

The thing is, I don't like teaching. BUT. I really did enjoy substitute teaching when I was doing that in Philly last school year, so I'm looking to do that again. I live literally across the street from both a high school and a middle school, so subbing there would be easy. I wouldn't mind taking a 6 am phone call for a 7 am job if it's 2 minutes away. So, I called the staffing company here and inquired about the process. They have a "temporary hold" on sub hiring, but will probably be hiring in mid-September. Well, okay. So I emailed them my resume with my teaching credentials (and also the fact that I've subbed before), and now I'm just waiting.

Also, I quit Target already. Technically, I probably shouldn't have without having another job lined up, but I just- I couldn't do it anymore. Most of the people I worked with were great. I actually got a little teary telling my ETL that I was leaving, because she's such a sweet, fantastic woman, and she invited me back to work summers while teaching, so that's cool, but the job itself is just overly taxing. It's not worth the abuse from guests, or from the few less awesome co-workers. Mainly I quit because my husband will be on leave in a few weeks and we're going to Philly for two and a half weeks, and once I get back, I knew I'd never want to be in Target again. So, once I had the cert, I just quit. If I don't hear back from the sub staffing company by the time we get back from leave or if it's going not going to work out to sub this year, I'm probably going to go to a couple temping agencies- all I know is that I'm done with retail. I have five shifts left, and then I'm NEVER going to do it again.

So yeah, I'm excited to get my life started, with a real job that I enjoy, or at least don't hate. I would honestly be so happy with a regular 9-5 desk job, which I know seems so demoralizing, but is so much better than Target. I'm ready for a change!

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