27 June 2012

Ranting: A First Post

A local hospital near home, the one my younger sister was born at, is working to merge with another local hospital which happens to be religious based. "Out of respect" for the religious based hospital, the secular hospital, assuming the merger goes through, will be discontinuing the abortion service that they currently offer. The CEO of the (formerly) secular hospital has this to say: 
We wanted assure that we would be able to  provide assurances that [religious hospital] would continue to fully comply with ethical and religious directives -- and all the Catholic entities of our new organization would. But at [secular hospital] we would want to assure that we were also providing that full range of services -- we have tremendous women’s health services between both organizations and reproductive health services. But we, moving forward, would no longer do abortions at [secular hospital]. 

Um, what? 

Here's what I'm tired of: Religion. Well, not religion, but religion being pushed at me. I don't shove my beliefs at anyone- in fact, my religion and spiritual beliefs are so irrelevant to anything I have to say, I don't even feel the need to talk about what it is here. I'm just so tired of everyone else having more control over my body and my rights than I do. It's my body. If I wanted someone else in my body,there's more than one orifice they could enter- with permission, of course- but as it turns out, I have husband who doesn't have control over my body and my rights, so I'm not okay with anyone else doing it either. 

Politics and religion aren't supposed to be interchangeable. Remember, we have that whole "separation of Church and State" thing? I want that back. Let's get that back.

At what point is it too far? At what point can I get to say that my body is no longer willing to be a political statement or a religious bargaining chip? Is it Arizona declaring that pregnancy happens up to TWO WEEKS before conception?? Is it the house GOP blocking abortion for raped soldiers? How about a Kentucky senator who is trying to add conception amendment to a flood insurance bill? Seriously, let me know, because I'm currently pratiquer mon fran├žais to get the fuck out of here before it's too late to be considered a legal human being with the ability to procure a passport. 

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